Michael G.Verified Reviewer

5 star rating

CE hours that you can actually put to work for you on Monday

Great seminar, I've attended the same seminary now 3 or 4 times. Still learning the aspects of PI world. Each time I go I learn a little more that translates into increased income on Monday.

Dr. W.Verified Reviewer

5 star rating

Quality at a reasonable cost

Dr. Collum puts a lot of information on the table, he doesn't overwhelm you with the amount, it's usable information, you go back to work, you apply it, it works. I've been learning PI ins and outs from Dr. Collum, he never fails to bring a new perspective on old concepts that keep the information up-to-date with the current market.

lyndon j.Verified Reviewer

5 star rating


mc allen seminar

very good seminar. look forward to next year

DDr. B.Verified Reviewer

5 star rating


Worth your time every year

Dr. Collum and his experience in the Personal Injury system will always show you ways to get the payments that are required by law in your pocket. I also send my staff to his training so that we are paid quickly. His systems have held up against any supposed "excuse" the insurance adjuster gives. I guarantee that your staff is leaving money on the...Read More


Want to feel like your CE weekend was worth your time?

Dr. Collum's seminars are the best value out there. When I say value, I mean what I spend on the seminar and travel vs what the information gained at the seminar allows me to collect in practice. He is the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to personal injury and Chiropractic practice. He's kind of an insurance dork (I mean that in the ki...Read More

Thank you Dr. K for the kind words. And yes, I am an insurance dork.